The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
Advocate against foreign currency? PROPOUND
Arsenal play amazing final in Europe MAGAZINE
Change thief and miser PENNYPINCHER
Cover discussion between Germany and Spain DRAPE
Demolish bottom of second storey for refurbishment DESTROY
Dish some fruit sorbet up ROSTI
Do ask police about Eastern toy KALEIDOSCOPE
Drop high price twice, with a rand off PRECIPICE
Eager to call artist first RARING
Economist’s way of describing major speeches without books KEYNES
Encourage to support small operator? SURGEON
Frightened beginning, then went ahead STARTLED
Get rid of elected criminal, not Conservative DELETE
Guess I’m leaving what’s left in will ESTATE
Clues Answers
Honour that could make press angry IRONCROSS
Jar’s good value GRATE
Move Whistler’s new painting over TRANSFER
One in search of a bite ANGLER
One might tape instruction for Christmas Day broadcast? RECORDER
Power only confused Cable’s support PYLON
Reach the end of rehearsal having exchanged words? RUNDRY
Rude about penalty taken by a French defender initially UNREFINED
Second bowler? He’s out of this world SPACEMAN
Show muscle in ruined castle SPECTACLE
Somewhere comfortable drinking wine? That’s most unpleasant! NASTIEST
Stop believer adopting son DESIST
Sue settled on one way in LITIGATE
Where musician might be in form ONSONG

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