The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 20 2018

Clues Answers
A national lottery you can only lose once! RUSSIANROULETTE
A pass between wingers in league game LACROSSE
Arabian, possibly, consuming small pudding DESSERT
Charity event I snub, by and large disorganised BRINGANDBUYSALE
Cheese rind proper breakfast, say? CEREAL
College official keeps me humble DEMEAN
Destruction of conifers, legal FORENSIC
Devil-worshipper transforms as saint beginning to tremble SATANIST
Eggs in line, we hear ROE
Festivals not starting, I’m afraid to say ALAS
Grey lair behind meadow LEADEN
He painted a revolver, might you say? TURNER
Many miles off old Portuguese city FARO
Musician showing popular rocking talent is about to play guitar INSTRUMENTALIST
Clues Answers
Nut securing top of uncoiled spring BOUNCE
OK for one’s teeth to cut into wire CHEWABLE
Pasta — much unfinished after ending in bin NOODLE
Playground equipment to observe, now and then? SEESAW
Rush scoundrel into trial CASCADE
Scent popular feeling on the radio? INCENSE
Something latched onto gold cake GATEAU
Somewhat incompetent, all fingers and thumbs? TEN
Son is relative SIS
Spare prop LEAN
Sport that’s restrictive? FENCING
Surprisingly notable status in lieutenant ranked highly, though defeated? LASTBUTNOTLEAST
Top primate, cross APEX
Turkish commander once more dropping in AGA

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