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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Adversary who’s not against revolutionary ANTAGONIST
Ambassador’s neglect during bad year EMISSARY
Balloons considerably on board ship SWELLS
Best dress given to engineers for industrial plant REFINERY
Capital equipment must need adjusting at the outset RIGA
Censure concerning degree of alcohol REPROOF
Cheeky one taken in by caller — a person who’s not a real threat PAPERTIGER
Coaches wear them out! TRAINERS
Complete agreement sees son in marriage UNISON
Criminal has no right to fiddle COOK
Dish for passengers at sea? MAINCOURSE
Divulging secrets, and leaving SPLITTING
Faith invested in Telegraph operatives HOPE
Fear parts of canal system may give such a shock DREADLOCKS
Films by spies worried prophets of doom PESSIMISTS
Clues Answers
Former lovers must accept rent that’s rising comes to an end EXPIRES
Garment worn by strong man regularly? TOGA
Good copy, but yawn! GAPE
Good deal, but hard work if starting late RAFT
Kid won’t finish these drinks TEAS
Letters inclined to favour the right ITALICS
Letters left with house in Westminster LANDLORDS
Newspapers should cover hospital department awards PRESENTS
Only the French like this to have precedence SOLE
Private log — a terrible mistake OWNGOAL
Scholar can expect to be keeping secret ARCANE
Statistician — or a knowledgeable boxing type who’s socially inept ANORAK
Such theatrical demands caught everyone in the end CURTAINCALLS
Temporary worker in stable gets limited accommodation STANDINGROOM
Unlucky criminal searched around empty house HARDCHEESE