The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
Agree new head shows enthusiasm EAGERNESS
Blokes practically great in the head MENTAL
By necessity some wallpaper for ceiling PERFORCE
Change a point to accommodate lawyer ADAPT
Content doing porridge INSIDE
Directed by company, switched men on board CASTLED
Drink’s knocked back, linger for piece of cake PUSHOVER
Etiquette of fish knife’s last CODE
First of recipes: one’s extravagant duck dish RISOTTO
Fly is twice tested, oddly TSETSE
Handle can start shaking TRANSACT
He parades around front line SPEARHEAD
Humiliation as member rants insanely EMBARRASSMENT
Leader of Conservatives stirring wild party CAROUSAL
Liking power and charm PENCHANT
Clues Answers
No one cheers over following rubbish turn ROTATION
Ocean’s relating to salt? SEASON
Old chuntering about lingerie UNDERCLOTHING
Pines, say, losing one’s presents CONFERS
Postman cycles losing heart for rounds PATROLS
Press secretary with additional note about Queen PAPERS
Pump up popular apartment price finally INFLATE
Reduce sound of drill LESSEN
Scattered boxes primarily empty SPARSE
Shot by Italy changed everything TOTALITY
Sound diplomacy after case of incarceration INTACT
The woman’s vulgarly mentioned slips ERRS
They are against fiddling after losing a grand ANTIS
To purist rambling is better OUTSTRIP
Trouble from wind is turbulent DISTURB

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