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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Bird’s bit of fun LARK
Candid female blasting off in row RANK
Capture sound of excited actor and daughter hugging French relation TAPERECORD
Character in front of the bars at the Albert Hall in summer? TREBLECLEF
Charge hospital department with evidence of neglect? ENTRUST
Component of alphabet (Hebrew) BETH
County with no barrier round — no real sign of alien invasion! CORNCIRCLE
Everyone to be accommodated in empty houses or rooms HALLS
Excellent group of caring Christians set up in lots of countries ASIA
Fifty absent (half missing) in places of work LABS
Firm favoured making bit of money COIN
Green I spotted between river and lake — spring back RECOIL
Grumble about the Left taking independent standpoint BELIEF
Hugo Allen is such a footballer! GOALKEEPER
Novel final item of furniture that can be blown up INFLATABLE
Opportunities for celebration if seats can be arranged FIESTAS
Clues Answers
Oxford college attendant gives edict: Do good BULLDOG
Peculiar scoundrel with admissions of debt CURIOUS
Quiet female leading old chaps on — remarkable thing PHENOMENON
Rex inclined to be ecstatic RAPT
Sculptor, merry one? Oh, that’s unusual! HENRYMOORE
Something on the floor, security device in town MATLOCK
Stand-in worker joins the French place of worship TEMPLE
Stories lacking freshness, start to finish TALES
Swimmer making money one paper’s written about inside CATFISH
Tennis player of yesteryear in a work of fiction ASHE
Thrive, making pounds in time of prosperity BLOOM
Top man, I will be standing by mother MAXIMUM
Upset male model after party DISCOMPOSE
Where to eat from tin with adolescent CANTEEN
Wine and fish Eastern maiden served up MEDOC
Winter sports feature has a Parisian faced with terrible risk SKIRUN