The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
Actress having edited line, re-edit in protest MARLENEDIETRICH
Adhesive holds as window opening sideways CASEMENT
Figure heading for ruin, one in mess TRIANGLE
Genius — mug following one abroad EINSTEIN
Horse drinks in seawater MARINE
In brownish-red, a cold biscuit MACAROON
Instrument for measuring sovereign? RULER
Island first to strike in hostile manner SICILY
Jerk mentions a US state MINNESOTA
King almost finished eating extravagant dessert CHARLOTTE
Lead sulphate’s beginning to encounter dark liquid STAR
Loyal butler set out to get European Union backing TRUEBLUE
Massive lobsters, and raw gulper eels for starters LARGE
Mercury’s counterpart, some other messenger HERMES
Model iron horse, about ton, powerful beast RHINOCEROS
Clues Answers
More orderly, I had to get in line TIDIER
One side remaining LEFT
Queen rings the number ETHER
Repeat filling in multiple choice ECHO
Shilling in spotless little bag PURSE
Squid caught malaria at sea! CALAMARI
Staff machine that cuts round article on page MANPOWER
Still, lift is fast SILENT
Study new careers with minimum of hope RESEARCH
Travel beyond a river to get legendary vessel ARGO
Typo, say, students recalled SLIPUP
Unfortunately on trial, commercial travellers, the lot of them! TRAINLOAD
Unsatisfactory finale causing displeasure OFFENDING
Use marker pen here: wet biro had burst WHITEBOARD

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