The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
A leading orchestra, as well ALSO
A problem the angler may have? ACANOFWORMS
Admire characters in wire spectacles RESPECT
Admit being depressed losing diamonds OWN
Begrudge diplomat lacking nothing ENVY
Comic due at show cancelled because of rain WASHEDOUT
Cornelius is cool changing route that would lead to conflict COLLISIONCOURSE
Countrywide issue, to-do — copy letters sent out POSTCODELOTTERY
Currency unit once used in Guadeloupe set aside PESETA
Dessert produced by French chef, guy with good English BLANCMANGE
Exposed, landlord in communication intended for publication OPENLETTER
Extra papers that you and I must hold WIDE
Famous singer posed to accommodate popular artist SINATRA
Garments husband put in closet, surprisingly CLOTHES
Clues Answers
Greek poet in river HOMER
Hips and knees loose type of coat revealed SHEEPSKIN
Instruments used to fix Oscar’s crowns CORONETS
Intimate conversation between retired couple? PILLOWTALK
Money fool rejected TIN
One acting as monarch, for example, in musical REGENT
Pamper little Mary old theologian left in church MOLLYCODDLE
Pony frisking around close to bell tower PYLON
Renting in extremely tolerable French city TENANCY
Reproduced in black and another colour BRED
Seafood affected one after start of show SCAMPI
Season swell deep-fried pancake SPRINGROLL
Smart of one on a diet to lose pounds SIMMER
Tavener’s first work — score is superb TOPNOTCH

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