The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 28 2018

Clues Answers
A prisoner going in with a snake ANACONDA
A second worker crosses line at an angle ASLANT
Attempt to cover rear with it? TRENDY
Despicable bloke trapping stray cats is a hopeless case LOSTCAUSE
Drivers crossing Cape planned to go west for scholarly life ACADEMIA
Floods coming from fissures beneath hill TORRENTS
He’s trapped in crush lacking protection for primate RHESUS
Head professor retiring, led out NODDLE
Improvement in golf technique? UPSWING
Labour’s chasing after tax, tries to improve contacts NETWORKS
Local landowner’s gripping runs with large animal SQUIRREL
Making contact — how sweet! TOUCHING
Muffler acquired by nieces playing around lake and river SILENCER
Nouveau-riche people at university — with introductions UPSTARTS
Overseas earnings holding facility EASE
Clues Answers
Part of banquet here — almost heavenly ETHEREAL
Prayer left mother in dangerous environment HAILMARY
Prestigious encounters in river on the rise ESTEEMED
Refuse to acknowledge one’s surrounded by drink DISOWN
Repeated, looking embarrassed about force REPRISED
Show agreement, but changed to underpin love? Indisputably NODOUBT
Sick of alternative theatre when rude UNDERTHEWEATHER
Small dish needed for spread SPLATTER
Snarl, seeing approach after gent loses head ENTANGLE
Story of arrival in state NARRATION
Syndicate’s caution about time taken by learner CARTEL
Thinks, having dismissed first of many applications USES
Wave from puny adult — hates all getting undressed! UNDULATE
Workshops re-let, as I planned ATELIERS

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