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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Abrupt encore that’s broken out and swelling PROTUBERANCE
All one’s possessions in extensive car ESTATE
Attempt after cold spell to get record of event? SNAPSHOT
Attractive employer’s activity? ENGAGING
Bachelor working around park in Welsh town BRECON
Bit from newspaper chaps inserted in another FRAGMENT
Bring together enchanting women’s group around North and East CONVENE
Children having a holiday period before summer OFFSPRING
Circus performer shows both sides of coin, depressed inside CLOWN
Company time during course gets cut ENTRECOTE
Dangerous creature moved a barrel below river POLARBEAR
Demolition of store in part brings expression of dissent PROTEST
Discordant note about fine liberal that’s untouchable TEFLON
Expression of pain allowed in big-eyed youngster OWLET
Look sullen on reflection bagging second in racing venue EPSOM
Clues Answers
Material that’s shed source of light with time SPILLAGE
Minister’s circle reshuffled CLERIC
Objections raised, finding evidence of smoking STUB
Official — that thing must get overhaul REFIT
Ointment — litres in reserve SALVE
One that embraces decisive argument CLINCHER
Part of book fool’s written backwards, puncturing triumph GLOSSARY
Profit made from a welcoming spirit? On the contrary GAIN
Quiet worker detaining journalist is fussy sort PEDANT
Rash troublemaker on film, posh old American IMPETUOUS
Selfish outlook, say, from Gulf state area EGOMANIA
Some recall a term or expression when parting LATER
Squadron of sports bosses stifling group with a complaint FLOTILLA
Tramp reeking terribly — one that takes cash on the street? PARKINGMETER
Workers’ ploy to be good with bridging capital GOSLOW