The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
A firm has us twitching — is it good if we can hear? ACOUSTIC
A group of soldiers housed in brand-new tower MINARET
American agents sound sheepish eating dry doughy stuff CIABATTA
and 28 Across: Legal stitch-up in which you suppose some might get jumpy? KANGAROO
Becoming popular again? That wouldn’t affect Abba MAKINGACOMEBACK
Best people yell when leader is got rid of CREAM
Bitter scorn — our aunt’s beginning to be horrible RANCOROUS
Cleric I had written about, footballing cheat DIVER
Do for one! NOTE
English drunkard, Heather, collected items of mysterious nature ESOTERICA
Fellows given superior list of options MENU
Female organised church in the country FRANCE
Fruit in shapeless mass page brought forward PLUM
Fuss in horses’ accommodation — lead the horses out to these? MEADOWS
Holy head of school with a set of beliefs exuding love SACRED
Clues Answers
Marriage possibly over in US city SACRAMENTO
Mist, very limited, above a stream VAPOUR
Old male caught in embrace brings dishonour COMPROMISE
Our good Parisian backing British member of royal family BOURBON
Pound to dine in revolutionary inn BEATUP
Quiet person taking things easy, keeping near church member PRESBYTER
Retired WI batsman eats very little grub LARVA
See 17 Down COURT
See rhino moving around lake, where land and water meet SHORELINE
Sign of more than one female losing head OMEN
Something on meal table, a crude base that’s rickety BREADSAUCE
Thus doctor hugs US brother in hat SOMBRERO
Trick needed to cross slope — something climber uses CRAMPON
Uncle is lowly man with no money ending in gutter PAWNBROKER

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