The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 6 2018

Clues Answers
A butcher and I in mix-up about a steak CHATEAUBRIAND
Apparent worth of clock prize FACEVALUE
Branagh’s lead in ‘Hamlet’ excited London borough LAMBETH
Check about key monarchy REIGN
Criticise the piper’s son and me after one show PANTOMIME
Disgusting dirt in lift distressed hospital FILTH
Fairly uniformly EVENLY
Fare for Italians to get here? TRATTORIA
Forebear — no trace, regrettably, across South ANCESTOR
Fox, fine female in pack BAFFLE
German dog in fine French spa, barking AFFENPINSCHER
Had in mind poor time MEANT
Heedless, bishop put a match to explosive BLITHE
Husband over in local, shiftily getting booze ALCOHOL
Male leaves unexpected gift for girl ANNA
Clues Answers
Old fogey around is in need of treatment DINOSAUR
Operative and I cover obstacle HANDICAP
Party held by trendy men under a roof INDOOR
Played out, even round river TIRED
Recently taken photographs showing smart guys? HOTSHOTS
Recommend Scottish barrister ADVOCATE
Scattered surplus, holding spades SPARSE
She may attend to a babe in arms due to be changed NURSEMAID
Skirt round crew on stage SIDESTEP
Some shown up in bunker TRAP
Sort of music and drink to bring affinity RAPPORT
Stickler, soldier holding tense talks at the front MARTINET
Supporter of that woman during a depression ADHERENT
The man circling round floor presenting dance HOEDOWN
Unabridged in content, I realised ENTIRE

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