The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 7 2018

Clues Answers
22’s doctor needing season to start late DRUMMER
Accept honour CREDIT
Advertise concert, anticipating on-target earnings PROMOTE
Bank employee gets hold of artist — very representative TRAVELLER
Bill locks ladies in green room, perhaps ACTRESSES
Celebrities will eat fish — they flock together STARLINGS
Check containers on the way back STOP
Check weapon for magnetism CHARM
Comfort seamstress hugging returning expert MAESTRO
Couple propping up the bar at football? GOALPOSTS
Document required for transferring estate car? CONVEYANCE
Food from Mexico boy set up outside a church NACHOS
Gives approval for bit of bridge needing impressions RUBBERSTAMPS
Happy to accept son is dependable CONSISTENT
Clues Answers
Improve and take lad off for a drink EVAPORATEDMILK
Insomniac crackpot’s accommodating city ACCRA
Landowner left daughter taking in broadcast LAIRD
Left on boat with temperature missing elegance shown by ocean dweller PORPOISE
Mass-market power with uranium found in Arctic environment POPULAR
Percussionist must have love to support band RINGO
Plant a tree across lake ALPINE
Story after count will be revealing TELLTALE
Stubborn, and planning bad route OBDURATE
Takes unfair advantage of Democrat taken in by jittery senator TRADESON
They may hold up lines of communication Telegraphpoles
Vices shown by person elected in short order CLAMPS
Votes against hooter being sounded NOES
Wise man touring America registers snack food SAUSAGEROLLS

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