The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
A revolting slum? He’s encapsulated old, poor residence ALMSHOUSE
Abandon work after dark on a regular basis DROP
Back exercises before I rehabilitate an individual fond of food and wine EPICUREAN
Christmas sometimes involves a church service MASS
Common sense keeps the Queen very worried NERVOUS
Criminal admires weapon SIDEARM
Dan ignoring an alcoholic drink — beat that! DRUM
Diarist, we hear, giving looks slyly PEEPS
Disturbance after prisoners start to trash building CONSTRUCTION
Doctor argued once fired up ENCOURAGED
Easily persuaded, this writer is captivated by an expert AMENABLE
Expression of triumphant surprise going round one American state OHIO
Fashionable old spy INFORMER
Harmful drops from out of the blue? ACIDRAIN
Have a meal in attempt to get agreement TREATY
Clues Answers
Hawking, perhaps, is nicest organised before ornithologist’s back SCIENTIST
Information about style GENRE
Local community land chaps hated at heart SETTLEMENT
Make more attractive organ with object on top ENDEAR
May denies reforms — article’s dismissed, displaying imagination MINDSEYE
Mother upset by American president’s surprise attack AMBUSH
Motorcycle passenger gets in this drink SIDECAR
Party supporter? Now and then OCCASIONALLY
Photograph pleasant, unfinished meal outside PICNIC
Poor trip abroad, on balance PROPORTION
Ray seen in river? On the contrary, another fish BREAM
Small Earl Grey? Maiden put on kettle to make this STEAM
Swears at cricket matches ATTESTS
Unpretentiousness taken for granted in outskirts of Salisbury SIMPLICITY
Water plants inside these? AQUARIUMS

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