The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 9 2018

Clues Answers
Always getting caught in police trap, manoeuvring car? STEERING
Band of specially trained troops on top of hotel SASH
Bank inadequate — this person’s experience for a second time RELIVE
Bill about to enter woodland that’s divine FORECAST
Bird — that which covers short distance WHINCHAT
City offering quiet repose? No, upset! PRESTON
Commanding officer with onset of hunger tucked into cheese roll BRIOCHE
Conservative is on adventure to achieve victorious outcome CONQUEST
Country artist starts to enjoy landscape on far side of island ISRAEL
Despatched from ‘ere in a few words? SENTENCE
Fellow hugging one companion, soldier going round American state MICHIGAN
Fragile insect around is getting maiden hiding FLIMSY
From what we hear, discharges stop abruptly FREEZE
Funny chap Eric brought to head for indolence IDLENESS
Give one award for playing for being put at a disadvantage HANDICAP
Good American, he had demonstrated sentimentality GUSHED
Clues Answers
Holy group beginning to voice our relish SAVOUR
Make sense of marine unit FATHOM
Money put down — little time to waste for Oriental drink SAKE
Moving with aim to settle in Herts town TRENDING
Ms Blyton turns up to have a meal DINE
Old boys in maul after reunion ALUMNI
Pipe in underground passage changed at the entrance FUNNEL
Seductive females full of anger — they want blood! VAMPIRES
Settle down temporarily in enclosure with a politician ENCAMP
Sheep falling over trap in border area MARGIN
Sort of business person no longer given beer EXPORTER
Traduced mum showing furrowed brow, we hear? MALIGNED
Trip in vessel ending in Greece with happiness spreading round JOURNEY
Unnatural pose to employ in embrace ESPOUSE
Victoria describes one drunkard SPONGE
What curiously is the opposite of 22? THAW

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