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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 1 2018

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Clues Answers
Announce team in the USA STATESIDE
Bad thing, weapon used in disco NIGHTCLUB
Bitterly cold in lorry crossing Canada’s capital ARCTIC
Country in revolutionary fairy story SYRIA
County town originally producing a red wine CLARET
Eccentric queen, for example CARD
Evergreen opera song about a posh limo? ARAUCARIA
Everyone, taken in by most of band, in uproar BALLYHOO
Famous pianist, murderess’s first husband in Sayers novel MYRAHESS
Fellow members run into trouble with Society BROTHERS
Few and far between, boxes on foremost of estates SPARSE
Fifties Kitchen sink drama — something Winnie was fond of? ATASTEOFHONEY
Foolish to stay up in German city POTSDAM
Function of pitch, reportedly ROLE
Gallons stored in Asian country port LAGOS
Clues Answers
Good boys protecting kid in best clothes GLADRAGS
In section of sea, notice a large fleet ARMADA
Judge’s pipe RECORDER
Live on edge RESIDE
Not charged, deserter held by American soldiers GRATIS
Played out, even across river TIRED
Remainder to lodge round university RESIDUE
Rough spherical object found by recreation ground BALLPARK
Row right up close to craft on the rocks BANKRUPT
Sailor, man wearing waterproof stuff TARPAULIN
Short durable cape — that’s the gear HARNESS
Shorten a piece of snooker equipment ABRIDGE
Similar article to enjoy ALIKE
Take the part of one of Silver’s crew and he will be very angry PLAYMERRYHELL
You almost sussed out Greek hero ODYSSEUS