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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 10 2018

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Clues Answers
A contest not far away ABOUT
A pupil skipping starter ordered rice dish PILAU
At present, bishop’s inside unharmed, restricted by weather SNOWBOUND
Avoiding the head, thump disrespectful person LOUT
Bear expression of disapproval about the French revolutionary BALOO
Buy a bigger property when business is better TRADEUP
Choice about one metal or another PLATINUM
Covering of blades, with or without small opening HEATH
Dire pint turned out to be stout INTREPID
Dull selfie shot in outskirts of Leeds LIFELESS
European left in Greek island resort returned SLOVAK
Gaping wound one wiped WIDEOPEN
Get rid of priest and friend outside home ELIMINATE
Girl in Great Britain puts down craftspeople GLASSBLOWERS
Good, primarily, at servicing traps? They are GASBAGS
Clues Answers
Morose eating last bit of chocolate, no doubt SURELY
Motor in the open panel OUTBOARD
Old king painting Ben in film? ARTHUR
Reams in posh novel on husband’s equestrian ability HORSEMANSHIP
Ridicule you in text with answer in book JOSHUA
Rocky Inca road north is harsh DRACONIAN
Rodent’s to harm retreating cat MARMOT
Song about King Cole, essentially CAROL
Spurn insurgent after change of heart REPEL
Strong male holding up tree FIRM
Take care of yard after middle of fence gets bent TENDENCY
Two vessels put away for master SUBJUGATE
Way to get round permit for gambling game ROULETTE
Whole section in joint action INTACT
Worried terrible old brute TROUBLED