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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 11 2018

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Clues Answers
A Parisian gets married — is husband trapped and unwanted? UNWISHED
Against having to travel on river CONGO
Aristocrat using gardener here and there GRANDSEIGNEUR
Army unit and police crossing river CORPS
Artist with a thousand things to read goes wild RAMPAGES
Beg Irish somehow to accept British nonsense GIBBERISH
Beginning to relax, old boy at home may be seen in the garden ROBIN
Big cask that may be on display in butcher’s window? HOGSHEAD
Carriage light backed with gold LANDAU
Cathedral precinct dean initially sealed off CLOSED
Contentment of good boy brought before the head GLADNESS
Country responsible for taking control of wild animal ICELAND
Disputations in AGM, unrest getting nasty ARGUMENTS
Goddess is buried beneath island ISIS
Instance in which right thunderous god appears as beast with pulling power CARTHORSE
Clues Answers
Live with uncontrollable desire RESIDE
Longing to be given a new start to make an impression ETCHING
Man troubled with nag, scolder, gossip SCANDALMONGER
Notice university with imposing exterior for one at ceremony there? GRADUAND
Panel disagreed finally, with fuss ensuing DADO
Put within confines of the law, girl is imprisoned in shelter LEGALISE
Sailor without companions gets something to eat from the sea ABALONE
Scheme, say, lacking a supportive section SYSTEM
Sporty type who operates on the border? FENCER
Stupid people chat about ill-gotten gains GALOOTS
The French bishop, one with relations who will behave badly? LARRIKIN
Thus a father joins English gunners in series of programmes SOAPOPERA
Transfer from hospital somewhere in Hampshire HANDOVER
Vehicles getting hit, beginning to end TRUCKS
Woman in garden is upset? It’s a riddle SIEVE