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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 15 2018

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Clues Answers
A female pair oddly picked out from a distance AFAR
Animal skin not in hole HIDEOUT
Cleric with debts derived through the experience of others VICARIOUS
Climb in groove INCREASE
Coat, bras, pants, jumpers? ACROBATS
Dense pupil should have done this in class CONCENTRATED
Doctor ambles; she is avoiding hospital gatherings ASSEMBLIES
Drink bottle SPIRIT
Drug-free treatment for athlete’s foot? PHYSIO
Father about to get cut off PARE
Flag held by Communist no longer in position? RETIRED
Former lover half-trembled in front of city, fearfully EXTREMELY
Hand over stone, we’re told CEDE
Harrow uniform is tight at first on the inside DISTRESS
Has replied obliquely? It’s what we expect from PM LEADERSHIP
Clues Answers
Husband interrupts rubbish party THRASH
In character, a scallywag? RASCAL
Monster was upset DEVIL
Noted Conservative bet leader changes CELEBRATED
Old chest goes over lady’s fingers OKRA
Pit crew perhaps fixing car and others ORCHESTRA
Queen caught in fraudulent scheme? Get away! SCRAM
Set views SCENERY
Surprise from a labyrinth meant adult is lost AMAZEMENT
That man consumed by nerves lets drunk in at all events NEVERTHELESS
Thought of politician sitting in grass REMEMBERED
Ultimately good dog losing its head? Ha-ha! DITCH
Weapon that shocks criminals? TASER
Without punishment, MacDonald maybe joins Frank SCOTFREE
Work attitude by daughter is resisted OPPOSED