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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 17 2018

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Clues Answers
Angry about female being sacked RIFLED
Arrangement of gold part encircling box ORCHESTRATION
Awards zero marks? OSCARS
Ballet here almost describes ‘heavenly’ ETHEREAL
Banker perhaps more extravagant keeping home FINANCIER
Brilliant time with Queen’s family LITTER
Chap only stays bonkers seeing shrink PSYCHOANALYST
Chap with band playing different version COVERING
CIA names suspect one might forget AMNESIAC
Clash in nightclub hop involving rockers’ leader DISCORDANCE
Cooking range popular once more AGAIN
Fancies changes pocketing a grand VAGARIES
Feeling excited, blokes consumed by computing? SENTIMENT
Flooding a lot? These could be useful WELLINGTONS
Clues Answers
Former cab company worker getting rich EXUBERANT
Head of state’s miserable track record SPOOR
Initially little animal resting, virtually adult LARVA
Man with double trouble? BIGAMIST
Middle of state hit by old battle ALAMO
One, after catching a cold, is woolly INEXACT
Pirate’s reportedly bawdy song CORSAIR
Rock old lady over sex with sweetheart GRANITE
Stars, single, sold out IDOLS
Steer vehicle over Interstate opening NAVIGATE
Stop farewell musical performance CANTATA
Switch end, playing BUTTON
Teeming part of sea was hostile AWASH
Try to catch seafood with small shell-shaped instruments CASTANETS