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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 2 2018

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Clues Answers
A source of finance rumoured to be after daily transport CHARABANC
Affair sees the girl report SHEBANG
Agents cracked, with Russians discontented BROKERS
Ale with no head — that is strange EERIE
Blend of Malaga poured out on top of Madeira AMALGAM
Cancel credit in advance SCRUB
Change in the morning, and finish with time to welcome workers AMENDMENT
Choose a gender set up for such ground-breaking tools Pickaxes
Churchman welcomes a means of generating power REACTOR
Collects service points after ace AMASSES
Conceals sources of organic black sausages and kippers OBSCURES
Duplicated solid fuel found in grass REPEATED
Empty gesture welcomed by standard caller PAGER
Entertainer needing skill with one’s empty theatre ARTISTE
Explosive stuff in magazine GUNPOWDER
Clues Answers
Fish like this may be treat prepared in bed BATTERED
Following and falling behind, growing weary FLAGGING
Insist fats in dark meat must be refined TAKEAFIRMSTAND
Labour, say, must accept independent equality of status PARITY
Make offensive remarks to son on shelf SLEDGE
Mineral Renoir mixed with ochre initially IRONORE
Passing test, ran in drunk! TRANSIENT
Periods with editor completely removed from memory ERASED
Posh bloke? The French count, perhaps NOBLE
Search through corrupt file on origin of radiation RIFLE
Stay away from whistle-blower and rule soundly REFRAIN
Support rider as vet treated unwelcome passenger BACKSEATDRIVER
Swear, seeing study module drop core of sport CURSE
Unidentified lad holding key for a person of consequence SOMEBODY
University grounds French writer, keeping quiet CAMPUS