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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Accommodated in Harrogate, English youngster TEEN
Climbing a track ASCENT
Come across as a nobleman on the radio? APPEAR
Convert has to be lynched in church CHANGE
Dislike swear-word in middle of bulletin LOATHE
Fish, 1000 in shop SALMON
Fussy detail PARTICULAR
Gentleman was in decline: that was painful FELLOW
Go back wearing tie, composed TOGETHER
Grannies performing for money EARNINGS
Huge blow involving gold in large amounts GALORE
In trial, long box TEACHEST
Justifying armed conflict, speaking in belligerent manner WARRANTING
Languid, having given up the ghost? SPIRITLESS
Clues Answers
Nation I governed IRAN
Old ship on southern island SARK
One demonstrating part of the morning routine? SHOWER
One is deified PALINDROME
Part of London remarkably sweltering, briefly SOHO
Pig and wild dog not entirely getting on BOARDING
Possible breakfast for one in bed? KIPPER
Rate halved with bank not very often RARELY
Reform uncle had started LAUNCHED
Restaurant worker with perfect hair WAITRESS
Skip a line in prayer book MISSAL
Strain of a phone in liquid nitrogen RINGTONE
Tarnish metal bird MARTIN
Use pearl that’s shaped for satisfaction PLEASURE