Clues Answers
A study mounted involving Virginia, a US state NEVADA
Celebrity set off, short of time at the end STAR
Confidence broken by Huddersfield’s first forceful attack THRUST
Crazy eating at one in the city, maybe OUTTOLUNCH
Crime fighters on triple abroad INTERPOL
Dance with bad leg, so move jerkily JIGGLE
Fanatic keeping something from Faberg´┐Ż back, something small but valuable? NUGGET
Fine friend flipped, in a panic FLAP
Follow male leaving the bar TRAIL
Frightened? Son was concerned SCARED
Go across for a small pie TURNOVER
Grounds to say no? REFUSE
Head of glamour girl in ‘Mirror’? GLASS
Improve railway leading to factory REFINERY
Clues Answers
Nationalist at uprising after start of parade PATRIOT
Noisy couple on lake capsized LOUD
Nuts stupidly left on floor? Yes OFFONESTROLLEY
On, next to English extra LEGBYE
Providing insurance, landlord produces explanatory note COVERINGLETTER
Reportedly speak highly of exercise book LORDJIM
Riddle over wrong set of china, perhaps TEASERVICE
Sceptic acting so oddly AGNOSTIC
Sea creature having little power or balance PORPOISE
Small island songbird female released INCH
Steal writer’s heart CRIB
Travel free heading for Eastbourne RIDE
Ventriloquist’s doll put by ladder in rehearsal DUMMYRUN
Wrong turn unfortunately taken in outskirts of Uxbridge UNTRUE