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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
A way to be covered by pay for natural loss WASTAGE
Answer, accepting wife’s sudden avoidance manoeuvre SWERVE
Charm of chap appearing on revised A-list TALISMAN
Criticise cook ROAST
Discharge during altercation is light SETFIRETO
Drink dispenser needing a line of sight OPTICAL
Drink milk before restaurant employee? One’s thrown out TAPWATER
Eased off about scheme for promenade ESPLANADE
Financial penalties needing case of subtle flair FINESSE
Growth that’s essential to phenomenal uprising? ANEMONE
Hill workers with temperature, suffering TORMENT
Implied this article can interest them all at the front TACIT
Last up ordered to admit state due to too much booze STUPOR
Like actor on stage may be till food is cooked FLOODLIT
Clues Answers
Misses careless broadcast LACKS
Nasty secret led hack to prepare for action CLEARTHEDECKS
Ocean inlet or lake ignored by new leaders REDSEA
One who might predict return for listener PROPHET
Only ten of team present for unique occasion! ONEOFF
Provoke mimic pinching last of profit STIMULATE
Register only raised to include voter’s right ENROL
Shifty character is keeping very quiet and cheating SHARPPRACTICE
Stock of food established revolutionary communist PROVENDER
Suggestion open zones should lose cover OVERTONE
Suppress what’s given to baby out of bed BOTTLEUP
Vacant space filled by tour band STRIPE
Very much on the contrary RATHER
Vogue must carry traditional fashion business RAGTRADE