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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 24 2018

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Clues Answers
A book with view about African party getting suspension ABEYANCE
A class in creating courses? COOKERY
A line in shy note for trusty follower ACOLYTE
A lot of worry with time over musical work CONCERTO
Aim when facing pressure and anger ASPIRE
American soldier seen in country area or Italian city PERUGIA
Brief commercial poll about early signs of consumer activity ADVOCATE
Chaps get on trip taking day off to see animal sanctuary? MENAGERIE
Characteristic element in extra item TRAIT
Circle that’s disrupted minister CLERIC
Detective in audience witnessed ugly sight EYESORE
Doddery old German, temporary resident LODGER
Entice interest emptying bottles TEMPT
Father upset mother perhaps? It’s plain to see APPARENT
Flier near pitch around the centre of Dijon NIGHTJAR
Clues Answers
Free travel i.e. around Belgium? It’s true VERITABLE
Gather a lot of tough clothing to keep warm HARVEST
Ignore a ship in lead over year PASSBY
Imaginative famous songwriter almost restricted by unreliable ally LYRICAL
Lad hopes to move plant ASPHODEL
Losers might do this in place for contemplation RETREAT
Manage with others to wear medal GETALONG
Material for Oxford perhaps moved around, we hear SUEDE
MP spoilt accord I formulated for foreign officialdom DIPLOMATICCORPS
Principal in order, one interfering it’s said PRIOR
Quick criticism shown by papers? RAPID
Skipper gracious describing big property? ROOMY
Sloppy on onerous PR plan? That could be it! PERSONALPRONOUN
Take care in position on board LOOKOUT
Titled figure in turn with early broadcast lacking a humorous quality DROLLERY