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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 25 2018

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Clues Answers
A change of policy said to be needed in military action ATTACK
A maiden exploited, unlike a famous queen? AMUSED
A new husband in gloomy state — a male condition! MANHOOD
A situation where some may be brought down to earth AIRFIELD
Admit defeat now and then, sir? Oh, that’s bad! THROWINONESHAND
Animal with desire has briefly got outside HYENA
Applauds a miser reforming, having hoarded pennies once ADMIRES
Box with crazy old jokes? CHESTNUTS
Business guys reconvened en masse, about fifty SALESMEN
Container that’s brown put outside home, third for recycling TINCAN
Dad — gosh! — beginning to nibble cinema food POPCORN
Does wrong, pocketing copper coin ESCUDO
Exhausted wife, a female joining party in NI WASHEDUP
Has to go around smart coastal town HASTINGS
Indigenous people wander north over island MAORIS

Clues Answers
Little girl with emotional state, extreme suffering DISTRESS
Lots of married fools MASSES
Most of cast starts to experience pressure — docile types? SHEEP
One can work a miracle? The claim’s false! ALCHEMIST
Out of sorts titaness can be most unpleasant NASTIEST
Phoney person gets nothing right, going after this person’s job IMPOSTOR
Removes risk element from brilliant exercises DEFUSES
Replace inadequate substitute worker SUPPLANT
Road held up with animals hidden under covers DRAPES
Set with mishap at sea? They hope not! SHIPMATES
Severe sort of wind heading for England AUSTERE
Skilled worker is biased, wanting leader got rid of ARTISAN
Superficial account placed in record folder FACILE
Support one group and tease kids naughtily TAKESIDES