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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A little liquid refreshment before study SOUPCON
Bill to support popular former partner? That’s rough INEXACT
Cool places for rare tigers to play REFRIGERATORS
Cross powerless buccaneer IRATE
Cut government’s last British unit TBONE
Delight bear TRANSPORT
Drink before a play DRAMA
Dull article, one penned by prisoner INANIMATE
Engineer put in rot, causing laser emission? PRINTOUT
Fellow spotted in hide-and-seek DEAN
Gangster twin heard working? It might add colour CRAYON
Go on, irritate criminal with new questioning INTERROGATION
In scale for amount of food consumed PROPORTIONATE
Invest nothing in redevelopment of premium store EMPORIUM

Clues Answers
Oddly glum and quiet outpouring GUSH
Religious symbol on bed could make someone grumpy CROSSPATCH
Run exclusive Sun originally missed COOP
Scratch some flawless cufflinks SCUFF
Second one climbing quickly? RUNNERUP
Separate admission of tardiness with minutes vanishing ISOLATE
Speechifying (not loud) in favour of a Conservative ORATORY
Start of showers and terrible April wind SPIRAL
That man had announced caution HEED
The setter’s deadly and forever going on IMMORTAL
Upset as dog eats pet snails GASTROPODS
Western bandleader seen in Commonwealth city WELLINGTON
What writers sometimes assume? PSEUDONYMS
Wild West action with old actor CLINTEASTWOOD