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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 3 2018

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Clues Answers
A number clad wrongly for stand with branches CANDELABRUM
A quiet learner with old doctor showing composure APLOMB
A supreme team almost transformed? It shows the scale of things TAPEMEASURE
Agree to parking twice in a British car with hidden rear APPROVE
Canal workers say turning up among those offering drinks? BARGEMEN
Club, say, secure day to get some players WOODWIND
Credit after student leaves in depression CRATER
Game namely supported by unruly lot SCRABBLE
Go after sudden cold spell to get instant record? SNAPSHOT
Kind fellow, expert in print style TYPEFACE
Leave exposed one in this way behind schedule ISOLATE
Measure of land, note, in a confined space ACREAGE
Modest European among varied credits DISCREET
Mostly large-scale work with second poem in part of series EPISODE
Clues Answers
Mug wept about queen PEWTER
Perhaps lead, we hear, is showing spirit METTLE
Ponder about working model CONTEMPLATE
Prize more highly than public university in countryside area OUTVALUE
Proclaim part of speech in English church ENOUNCE
Rescue service in race to create amazing achievement MIRACLE
Respect establishment with judge losing head ESTEEM
Security device beginning to click over morning period CAMERA
Short call in card game with family LOOKIN
Single occupying spot in Jersey POLONECK
Society enthralled by South American politician with a public image PERSONA
Theorist’s end is to stop wrong, transcending the passage of time IMMORTALITY
Welsh town’s original wine NEWPORT
What is found in difficult situation in seat? BEHIND