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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 30 2018

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Clues Answers
A drink after court doesn’t work ACTSUP
Adopt an offensive attitude seeing conservative high SQUAREOFF
Appointments put back by district attorney DATES
Attractive sort of curtains used in sorcery MAGNETIC
Best perfumes should be developed without France SUPREME
Burn mark on a horse BLAZE
Close store, needing time for hotel STOP
Cool prison venues to be redesigned UNRESPONSIVE
Credit virtue ATTRIBUTE
Criticism of framework, with university going for independence STRICTURE
Entrance subject to flipping Russian pilot NAVIGATE
Exquisite lace tied in knots DELICATE
Find out about unusual part of spectrum INFRARED
Flyer’s fleece ROOK
Irrepressible new nurse underwent instruction UNRESTRAINED

Clues Answers
Language somewhat lost on guests TONGUE
Location in Germany turning up during one’s search ESSEN
Loves a party, with others finishing early ADORES
Means business providing a service AGENCY
Moving targets around area for races at sea? REGATTAS
Prepared to have me for a cure REMEDY
Reckoning to cover carbon dependency ADDICTION
Set me up with graduate teacher! EMBED
Small car, one from the Middle East SAUDI
Social climber drinks headless bitter UPSTART
The sound of enjoyment subsequently muffles expression of disgust LAUGHTER
Took stock of sheep in drive, upset REVIEWED
Top fashion designer touring Georgia CARDIGAN
Wake up, seeing deception about love ROUSE
Wrong trap set up for game TENNIS