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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
Arbitrary component of error and omission RANDOM
Artist’s apparatus left holding up edge EASEL
Biased worker follows quietly PARTISAN
Capital’s power remnant European Union rejected PRAGUE
Deny detective’s restrained person detaining one DISCLAIM
Disappoint somebody mad supporting son SHATTER
Disturbed by new blue clothing United NEUROTIC
Drive’s opening more frozen and more dangerous DICIER
Driver conversely first on second tee MOTORIST
Forbidding nun to keep fashionable SINISTER
Former support to include Queen’s Treasury EXCHEQUER
Get together a band for the audience ACCRUE
Going after equipment, start to cook chicken here? KITCHEN
Hard cases suffering on board ship SHELLS
Indecent playing alone in tub embracing blokes UNMENTIONABLE
Clues Answers
Initially, first response usually isn’t ‘tomato’ FRUIT
Live around winter’s end, a creature’s living BREATHING
Long garment about one’s middle covering rear CAFTAN
Love god is tender on rising EROS
Material from The Yorkshire Post? TISSUE
Mouth of a fast river APERTURE
Produce from European cow, perhaps EDAM
Rogue artist’s style is detailed RASCAL
Rogue in court is confident SECURE
Stockade maybe is more exposed blocking raid, oddly BARRIER
Strangely true, lady is cheating ADULTERY
Swam with fish in a sea REELED
Sweetheart’s suspicious catching betrayer’s mistake ERRATUM
Thoughtless prisoner lies about pinching book IRRESPONSIBLE
Was keen to change small imperfection WEAKNESS