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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Awfully ancient men securing a means of support MAINTENANCE
Characters in sea garnered seaweed AGAR
Decamp from Eastern Mediterranean area LEVANT
Deceptive male is in charge MISLEADING
Dish carried by Esau ceremoniously SAUCER
Egg on quiet little boy PROD
Female apt to turn around and quarrel TIFF
Frightfully vain chum is showing fanatical pride CHAUVINISM
Governors of ancient city-state to the west SATRAPS
Green energy source that could get a person all agitated SOLARPANEL
Horse that can be seen on the moon! MARE
Job of someone working on box? WOODCARVING
Let’s have no more pets in peril ENDANGER
Mad reasons to get vehicles using diesel? LOCOMOTIVES
Clues Answers
Medical expert to go abroad, getting to the heart of the matter ALLERGIST
Muddy liquid getting left out — one sort of exotic food SUSHI
No one sadly in favour of starting in the morning FORENOON
Raymond heading off to become dog trainer? HANDLER
Restaurant serving rubbish is located by southern lake ROTISSERIE
Rodent caught by the unusual mechanical device RATCHET
Scheme, what’s believed to allow accommodation of silver in royal house PLANTAGENET
Smooth ambassador showing love for English LEGATO
Steps to effect climate change for the better? RAINDANCE
The old woman coming in to try to sell native weapon TOMAHAWK
This person, a certain Democrat, is moderate in speech maybe MEASURED
Those opposing audibly, making beastly noises NEIGHS
Warded off wild guy losing head, Fifties-style rocker AVERTED
What’s used by basket-maker, old gentleman outside back of house OSIER