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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Oath’, for example — is this? FOURLETTERWORD
A, B, C or D, say — but ___? NOTE
Bread snack is near bananas SARNIE
Communication network’s opening line adopted by confused tweeters NEWSLETTER
Current business, weak INFIRM
Cut oxygen, perhaps, then hydrogen GASH
Evocative, searching around area HAUNTING
Fan has a damp area bandaged by doctor ADMIRER
Fearing hell, art extraordinarily exaggerated LARGERTHANLIFE
Found in bistro, a stupendous cook ROAST
Horse stoppin’ to eat oats, primarily STALLION
Lower, large hood COWL
Man resting, cleric CHAPLAIN
Middle card HEART
Clues Answers
Minor irritation — problem scratching head? ITCH
Mock trial, if CIA involved ARTIFICIAL
Nation short of a feature CHIN
Oddly, each still more than delighted ECSTATIC
Place for shopping channel OUTLET
Refuse collector going around on holiday with genius BOFFIN
Rubbish brood LITTER
Single file, we abandoned ship WIFELESS
Soft, small and smelly SPONGY
Something for winter ending in Christmas present SNOW
Success with different tiles where red or white chosen? WINELIST
Totally sacred, did you say? WHOLLY
Twig about new time for rejuvenation SPRING
Ultimately abhorrent motive for crime TREASON