The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 8 2018

Clues Answers
A warming drink, for example — good number had before start of game EGGNOG
Cause of addiction revealed by knight I notice shaking NICOTINE
Comp, sort crossword compiler put together TYPESETTER
Contests cases EVENTS
Correspondence from leader of insurgents within group PARITY
Dancer’s award put in auction SALOME
Female in cast carrying one over FINISHED
Forward in super team PERT
Gigolo, worried about editor, is to stay in hiding LIEDOGGO
Hang on, beginning to get aboard vessel LINGER
Histrionic article appearing before a court case involving clubs THEATRICAL
I must feed Spanish man first SENIOR
Introduction of conscription, soon to become law CANON
Jealous resentment of us shown by Greek primate on board SOURGRAPES
Clues Answers
Just nips in here to be served, where potential lovers drink? SINGLESBAR
Just the jacket for a trainspotter? ANORAK
One may be found in the kitchen clearing table DRAININGBOARD
Prudence holding a fine decanter CARAFE
Reportedly understands seedy bar’s sharp decline NOSEDIVE
Small part of my intro I improvised MINORITY
Stream of abuse from traffic island being received TIRADE
Terribly sad about nation, per what was said before ASSTATED
Threatening, bad guy crossing line UGLY
Top tavern in place abroad PINNACLE
View of enlisted men invading country PANORAMA
What prolific sketchers do to decide an issue? DRAWLOTS
With great delight, beat American singing group GLEECLUB
Working daily, at first, for legendary boatman CHARON

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