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The Telegraph – Cryptic – May 9 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Ton’ that was once part of a county? HUNDRED
Beginning to collect bids for chests COFFERS
Boss of kitchen finishes early, admitting a problem HEADACHE
Disaffected foreigner on date getting confused ALIENATED
Egg producer’s embargo on eastern plant that’s poisonous HENBANE
Endless rancour, with European smartness SPITANDPOLISH
Excitement caused by whisky with a chaser? DRAMA
Expected to eat quietly, but jumped HOPPED
Fans of referendum among rejected children DEVOTEES
Flyers, for example, and engineers regularly failing in test EGRETS
Go in feeling jittery about other ranks in military unit FOREIGNLEGION
High season will be issue OFFSPRING
Improve notice when employing workers AMEND
In cold wind leaves get smaller DWINDLE
Clues Answers
Lazy, and lacking a work pattern SHIFTLESS
Leave the country for golf in Dubai, say EMIGRATE
Loved changes with capital for sports venue VELODROME
Organs stolen may be visible within this EYESHOT
Person who goes over fault with unprotected work DEFECTOR
Pipe or rail oddly found in pub BRIAR
Pressure exerted on behalf of the church FORCE
Prisoner joined out of order CONFUSED
Rejection of trade across Northern Ireland DENIAL
Remains with mineral deposit on dry land ASHORE
Run in hose — it’s needed by firemen LADDER
Scrapes part of sleeve in case of shingles SCUFFS
Under an obligation, actually accepting telephone company INDEBTED
Work on outsize problem for an animal OPOSSUM