The Telegraph – Cryptic – Nov 1 2018

Clues Answers
‘The Sun’, perhaps insane carrying a Sun article MASTHEAD
A Parisian loo contains posh lotions UNGUENTS
About to go round in circle going fast RACING
Belief follows opening of scriptural passage SCREED
Bring charges as copper’s caught by super ACCUSE
Brochure’s ideally describing stay RESIDE
Career that’s overturned supporting British state BRUNEI
Cramps coming after cold drink CHAMPERS
Defiant criminal undoes Britain INSUBORDINATE
End of chin covered in wicked spots ACNE
English politician unchanged, absorbing hard priority EMPHASIS
Fall in grave before battle’s ultimate clash DISAGREE
Fools possibly upset getting nervous STRESSED
High roller? TSUNAMI
High tea without small starter UPPER
Lack of interest from Macron? ENNUI
Land inside over island TOBAGO
Leaders to make overdone utterances though hardly speaking MOUTHS
Office Romeo possesses pure guts? BUREAU
Old boy, impolite, taking time to butt in OBTRUDE
One crushes pain facing the French PESTLE
Perform play GIVE
Practise endlessly producing tries again REHEARS
Riddle for each partner embracing sweetheart PERMEATE
Sharpens exercises somersaulting STROPS
Significant the man’s Conservative, almost in charge HISTORIC
Some pretend lesson gets monotonous ENDLESS
Spongy sailor’s tendency to pinch gold ABSORBENT
Stop shouting, maintaining one’s self-control RESTRAINT
Unlike ‘Rogue One’ he’s circling round alien star HETEROGENEOUS

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