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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Nov 13 2018

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Clues Answers
A very quiet woman morphed into just ‘a name’ APPELLATION
Against a new note? ANTI
Attract student runner from Yorkshire LURE
Black maybe worn by Edward and Mark CEDILLA
Boast about argument CROW
Brave warrior: he takes half of Italian city HERO
Danger: medication masks bug GERM
Device for telling pub-goers to drink up: in the past, or the future? TIMEMACHINE
East German supported by well-off person scared to face reality OSTRICH
French bread causing tummy ache? PAIN
In secrecy, cleverly use again RECYCLE
Indian perhaps in old vessel crossing Spain OCEAN
Inform on people in modern society RATRACE
It’s a pretence when embarrassment’s not complete SHAM
Leave first of sheep and cows with male animal SCRAM
Old dinosaur with three dangerous points to face? TRICERATOPS
One’s honest about celebrity REALIST
Pigpen, we hear, is an eyesore? STYE
Rich, posh lass almost organised educational grant SCHOLARSHIP
River in which star is reflected AVON
See a blemish SPOT
Servant combining charm with bed? I am! CHAMBERMAID
Set forth, and rushed back with speed NARRATE
She’s a band named after her, maybe backed by a chap named Cooper? ALICE
Spoil study by independent old electrical engineer MARCONI
Study team: give opinion on performance and be helpful CONSIDERATE
Surveys returned about calcium in seafood SCALLOP
Throw at ship TOSS
Try a game of cricket TEST
Type of pressure we’re all under ATMOSPHERIC
Unfortunately curtail rap at beginning of single: here’s the details PARTICULARS
Vote into office and pick leader off ELECT