The Telegraph – Cryptic – Nov 2 2018

Clues Answers
Baddie hugging revolutionary 5 Across CACHED
Big man about fifty tackled by rival who looks out for trouble? VIGILANTE
Bill given greeting, always someone deemed a success ACHIEVER
Boat launched with bosses in attendance? OUTBOARD
Ceremony takes politician to foreign river POMP
Change the last word, last bit of record AMEND
Country home in which artist settles IRAN
Curate involved with mad fun? It’s artificial MANUFACTURED
Daughter always to slip up making brief excursion DAYTRIP
End of flight has upset parrot in mountainous region TYROL
Forthcoming, like a shop assistant? INSTORE
Get away, having admitted commercial prank ESCAPADE
Like circle and rings expected to meet requirements? ONTARGET
Maybe fine joke is rubbish ultimately PUNISH
Minister of religion I squashed, one admitted for holy promotion! CANONISATION
Note sense in what’s being said TENNER
Old city chap wearing gold stars URSAMINOR
One isolated for more extended period, not good LONER
Part of the theatrical scenery in residence FLAT
Piercing action of tool, ace for penetrating IMPALEMENT
Place where you’ll see prisoners out of bed get agitated STIRUP
Purr maybe as one with no original ideas? COPYCAT
Study couple leading galloping dance CONGA
Suffering painful disorder could make chum irate RHEUMATIC
Talk with girl, French mistress CHATELAINE
Thus yours truly gets the lot? Not entirely SOME
Trendy English member meeting worker becomes crude INELEGANT
What can go round, one way and another ROTATOR
Winds disturbing isle after festival EASTERLIES
Yokel’s part, reconstructing arrangement for golf tournament STROKEPLAY

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