The Telegraph – Cryptic – Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
A piece of paper under discussion ATISSUE
Attack bill CHARGE
Best time, a hundred and one SECONDTONONE
Conspicuous lack of surface? NOTABLE
Couturier resigned in a lather DESIGNER
Crazy attempt to sink snooker ball CRACKPOT
Edible plant has eight round bits, all at the top HERB
Ending in Vaduz, a tailless bird in European capital ZAGREB
Failed actor sore about British language SERBOCROAT
Fake unearthed, covering indefinite number below UNDERNEATH
Fluff man held is foul MISHANDLE
Halved, each number taken down EATEN
Hide in desk, ingots SKIN
Italian man disowning son — never mind IGNORE
Mistake losing head in panic? ERROR
Motoring panel, race directors DASHBOARD
Not good to be knocked over EVIL
Outline renovation of hotel suite SILHOUETTE
Party beginning in Ghana in Africa, say? CONTINGENT
Perfect, looking to double score TWENTYTWENTY
Polish bottom of dirty stone RUBY
Put in precarious situation, stop getting annoyed? ENDANGER
Ship bearing right flag STREAMER
Still treats to distribute ATREST
Stop climbing with little hesitation — get down from this? EIDER
Total caught and bowled, perhaps? OUTANDOUT
Track runs back from an organ RENAL
Vegetable chap has to leave MANGETOUT
Very raw, taste Welsh dish RAREBIT
Wonder when I’m clear to move MIRACLE

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