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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Nov 6 2018

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Clues Answers
A poet eating nothing on a train perhaps ABOARD
Against inflexible limit CONSTRICT
American soldier cutting orange in pieces for girl GEORGINA
Astonished as lorry makes a loud noise at the front THUNDERSTRUCK
Avoid bumper car? Not quite DODGE
Be responsible for poetry written in Old English OVERSEE
Clear French own goal in game LEAPFROG
Corner netted by rising reserve in game SNOOKER
Dance, ignoring a Greek character LAMBDA
Dowdy woman following behind FRUMP
Fancy that man entering running race CHIMERA
Fertiliser in plant container has worked POTASH
Instrument: I’m clued cryptically, by first of reversals DULCIMER
Like the M25 section spoken about? ORBITAL
Lose one’s temper with a female wearing shirt-like garment BLOWAFUSE
Mentally slow, not acute? OBTUSE
More attractive Mediterranean resort close to Gibraltar NICER
Piece of evidence, not so great, leaves one bewildered CLUELESS
Popular party game, unfinished as a result INCONSEQUENCE
Potential MP maybe frank over high tea CANDIDATE
Section of Rubicon I consider very famous ICONIC
Source of inspiration in spring FOUNT
Spanish girl learning to gatecrash parties DOLORES
Stop living with firm traditionalist DIEHARD
Stop working and go to bed RETIRE
Take care of a rook left injured LOOKAFTER
Turncoat failing men DEFECTOR
Visit Democrat in decline GOTOSEED