The Telegraph – Cryptic – Nov 7 2018

Clues Answers
A couple of million swallowed by rising prices may be a cause of pain INFLAMMATION
A daughter may be in list for such a car ROADSTER
Amazed __ area seemed to protect them initially ASTOUNDED
Appoint minister by name after radio broadcast ORDAIN
Beer goes on board ship after permission for trade events CLEARANCESALES
Bring in listener before end of bulletin EARN
Carers from hospital composed poems about Hades mostly HOMEHELPS
Communication channels raising target to incorporate education MEDIA
Engineers currently unknown may find fame RENOWN
Generally gutted sailor must be spinning GYRATING
Illustration that could be precise, if not funny FRONTISPIECE
Important case developed about university is a bit of an exaggeration STORMINATEACUP
Man of the church is correct to ignore bill CURATE
Origin of this personal transport for urban area TOWNSHIP
Parliament vacated after scream in vault CRYPT
Poles covered by characteristic passage TRANSIT
Precursor of some peripheral devices HERALD
President with hotel must accept one notable success TRIUMPH
Profile Royal Marines by answer and weapon SIDEARM
Repugnant prospect offered to old boy OBSCENE
Ship that might bear fruit? MAYFLOWER
Show lover must have change of heart RODEO
Sponge pudding from the east with filling of jam LOOFA
Staff ego unfortunately not visible to the audience OFFSTAGE
Stationed last of troops in turbulent Rio Grande GARRISONED
Type of purchase made by man reportedly having class MAILORDER
Verify angry European broadcast CROSSCHECK
Volunteers needed in case of shooting party STAG

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