The Telegraph – Cryptic – Nov 8 2018

Clues Answers
Attacked over messages NOTES
Climbers might step on these large snakes LADDERS
Conservative abandons school with hippy, radical way of thinking PHILOSOPHY
Dance music is common initially in party DISCO
Doctor finally is paged and pain unexpectedly is vanishing DISAPPEARING
Dress in unfashionable suit OUTFIT
Fashion models? That’s their job SCULPTORS
Get shot of stuff? PHOTOGRAPH
Head getting thanks in education carried on MAINTAINED
Jam jar SCRAPE
Lawyer cut cheese BRIE
Lazy star on the radio IDLE
Loving French friend holding diamonds __ a symbol of deep affection? ADMIRING
Lower theft? RUSTLING
Name anything that is right? More difficult NAUGHTIER
Newspaper, say, I sat on after one’s tidying ORGANISATION
One criticised about old remote ISOLATED
Play-off times? INTERVALS
Poor hen mistreated __ one’s always beaten NOHOPER
Power leads bad for tablet PILL
Prevented son getting killed STOPPED
Rich for life, practically __ I lead in commerce PROLIFIC
Sailor recalled island and old relationship RATIO
Scoundrel returning garment not right for Venus? GODDESS
Shy person limits razzmatazz HYPE
Socks containing small animals BEASTS
Starts to examine artwork, say, expressionist left on here? EASEL
The BBC is free to support article AUNTIE
Those who voted for Trump remain as annoyed about Clinton’s front AMERICANS
True, I later composed texts LITERATURE

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