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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 1 2018

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Clues Answers
Best friend, perhaps, leaps in, barking SPANIEL
Bird gripping bunny’s tail, a scavenger HYENA
Character, outstanding on the radio, that’s hard to see through PEASOUPER
Conservatives working to be with it RIGHTON
Country music player drinking water UKRAINE
Credits switched for points DIRECTS
Different relative doffing cap OTHER
Dining partner gobbling final piece of salmon up WINNING
Dogs, primarily brave, useful things BASSETS
Effective narration TELLING
Electricity in the news? CURRENT
Expect to drink with model SUPPOSE
General struggling to grow ENLARGE
Growth that’s good, certain to impress SURGE
Heavy delivery BOUNCER
Journalist witnessed something used for cutting HACKSAW
Lie in pool endlessly somewhere in Lancashire PRESTON
Mountain most uncompromising, peak unseen EVEREST
Problem about student put to one side DEFLECT
Put on a slope, it is held by girl ITALICISE
Remarkable foresight unappreciated animal presented? GIFTHORSE
Reportedly bankrupt, work in waiter’s place BUSSTOP
Sample including old electrical device TOASTER
Sneeze — say what may catch it? ATISHOO
South American greeting Japanese food SUSHI
Spear I had found in river TRIDENT
Table of records, those to be rubbed out? HITLIST
That’s criminal putting last of sugar in cuppa, boy! TREASON
Top, one visibly under pressure? SWEATER
Unpleasant people welcomed by nasty client INCLEMENT
White on the table, let the party start! CUEBALL
Winger moving in, able to collect first of passes BIPLANE