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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Academic set up outside gallery and wrote music NOTATED
Came across empty refinery or factory FOUNDRY
Cereal offered by women with passion WHEAT
Check store, needing time for hotel STOP
Conducted bag search thoroughly RANSACK
Defeat the pick of the bunch BEST
Docking and showing full particulars? DETAILING
Expand upon scream after escape that’s curtailed FLESHOUT
Extravagant tip a golfer developed PROFLIGATE
Fair offering from a VIP? BIGWHEEL
Fighting in the outskirts of Stamford for such an area of land SWARD
Financial arrangement bound to be reported? TRUST
Gather popular whistle-blower’s back INFER
Gave water to soldiers before unusually dry heat finally dissipated REHYDRATED
Genius just crossing line FLAIR
Grabs walking aids after changing sides CLUTCHES
Haste required, needing endless walk right through a city ALACRITY
Help incorporating standard article shows discrimination APARTHEID
Leaves prisoner clutching one, besieged by enemy FOLIAGE
Partner impounding short cook’s big knife MACHETE
Pressed, once set up, to expose such lumps NODES
Realise student must abandon study EARN
Stallion’s set guide, wanting regulars STUD
Steps used in clubs, say, for what to wear when atmosphere is lacking SPACESUIT
String theory’s first success with energy TWINE
Summon artist, producing an absorbing book PAGETURNER
Supply food for two queens CATER
The man Ireland changed is top of the bill HEADLINER
Total invested in white wine and fish HADDOCK
Turn to collect greeting cards late BEHINDHAND
Weapon offered by listener in company FIREARM
What might come after Welsh theatre assistant? DRESSER