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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 11 2018

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Clues Answers
Actor, Johnny, indeed making comeback, wittered on YAPPED
Against Capone, say, law enforcement taking back all wine VALPOLICELLA
Arboreal rodent bit guards an hour after noon CHIPMUNK
Cover the news travelling around area ENSWATHE
Cut last pieces of fig roll, one creation of Mr Kipling MOWGLI
Defeated second-rate English/American team with a man down? BEATEN
Driver’s been uncertain about good way out of Wales SEVERNBRIDGE
Dug up object in auditorium MINED
Fish leaving current location PLACE
Flag hung — sail at sea LANGUISH
Flier written with some content you can ignore WREN
For all to see, nude rogue is improper UNDUE
Grass in neglected course is full of holes CRATEROUS
Gravel stored in smashing lean-to SHINGLE
Haggard oarsman going north in vessel CAREWORN
Oddly ignored big riot, centre of Santa Fe IRON
Old engineer set back advanced capital city OTTAWA
One that’s flown over the Channel TRICOLOUR
Petty Officer, clueless, heartless and pitiable POIGNANT
Popular when seen drunk, to some extent INASENSE
Reduction in degeneracy, Conservative’s success VICTORY
Restricting liquor, ultimately managed to reverse being in debt NARROWING
Shame being short of time, departs club GUILD
Stewpan’s converted as home for insects WASPNEST
Switch off broadcast about Bletchley Park workplace beginning to drag SHUTDOWN
Upright army officer regularly selected gunmen COLUMN
Vaulted lodge lacking interior fitting LEAPT
Welcome being ahead on racing circuit, say LAPUP
Wicked people taking king away from companions FIENDS
With controlling position following cricket deliveries hit for six OVERWHELM