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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Accusation of assault CHARGE
Awful snag with evil character seeking control SVENGALI
Empty talk from friend having claim PALAVER
Enduring scene’s central feature — bird by a lake ETERNAL
Engineers getting TV tuned in afresh? RESET
Factories producing line in underwear PLANTS
Gents are abandoned, cut off ESTRANGE
Hospital bill rising in city BATH
Individual backing church, a biblical figure ENOCH
Lady issuing invitations — thus husband is upset about groups turning up HOSTESS
Mathematician’s achievement displayed outside empty room FERMAT
Music establishment showing overreactions when reformed CONSERVATOIRE
Nervous type who is outdoors with binoculars? TWITCHER
Performer looking shamefaced about hiding love DOER
Possibly Greek girl hugged by top officer CLASSIC
Quality of thick liquid in a pit absorbed by plant CREAMINESS
Sly monarch giving a sign ARCHER
Social worker interrupted by superior female AUNT
Soldier sat on by my dog CORGI
Strike that involves a lot of tricks SLAM
Surrendered or carried on for an extended period? ROLLEDOVER
There’s little good in cad posing as philosopher HEGEL
They’ll keep getting into jams PRESERVATIVES
Top men in power meeting a horrible rich star PATRIARCHS
Unhappy knight taking shelter after party DISCONTENT
Unidentified rogue salesmen NAMELESS