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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 15 2018

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Clues Answers
Almost new before breakfast? NEARLY
Bad weather, we hear, as a rule REIGN
Clan uniting with alien group SEPTET
Consumes some of the contents of meatsafe EATS
Continually bother this wild creature BADGER
Creature laying eggs on climbing grass ROEDEER
Destroy the French, making a great commotion BUSTLE
Garment making girl very warm in the middle DHOTI
Last of tests? FINALS
List stated a sexual identification AGENDA
Make certain disc is about to be condemned CENSURED
Making mark but not voting; sailor leaves STAINING
Music to put one’s name to? SIGNATURETUNE
News item resulting in furrowed brow? HEADLINE
Not very brave UN soldier, maybe, harbouring ill-will UNGALLANT
Parents not married? Not us OTHERS
Peter’s excited to be ready in advance PRESET
Practised, as coffin put back in funeral carriage? REHEARSED
Pretend the writer’s a machine with energy IMAGINE
Promotion for hearing device that cuts down noise EARPLUG
She may serve ‘sir’ with a stew, carelessly WAITRESS
Star gundog ultimately turned up antelopes GNUS
Stones 7′ perhaps captivates husband SHINGLE
This may be seen in allotment, or in church bordering Scottish lake CLOCHE
Trimming hair somewhere underneath FURBELOW
Unfinished business gents possibly deliver around the beginning of Easter LOOSEEND
Vehicle with favourite floor covering CARPET
Where to buy new tree? Liar! RETAILER
Where to look for vest? UNDERCLOTHING
Worn down — or marked down, in one’s 27? DEGRADED