The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 17 2018

Clues Answers
A daughter, about six, is enthusiastic AVID
Change may include a time for exchange of words CONVERSATION
Cross, using international tariff IRATE
Defeat without question and disappear VANISH
Determination left in suitor one upset RESOLUTION
Doctor held glance, being called into question CHALLENGED
Draw attention to line crossed by one that’s smoked FLAG
Expose satirical sketches about Republican fringes OUTSKIRTS
Follow up issue, having minor responsibility? GODCHILD
Foot soldiers shot after home supporter INFANTRY
Is left in with theirs, sadly INHERITS
Job finally accepted by perceptive chap ALBERT
Left of centre and mad with desire CRAVING
Limo work with student in snub for religion? CARGOCULT
New grain storage facility can be decorated GARNISHED
Only virtues required for potential monks NOVICES
Outlandish __ like Humpty Dumpty? OFFTHEWALL
Piece of music that sees mates turn in drunk, last of all INSTRUMENTAL
Price of nuts up __ period DAMAGE
Put up across street for experiments TESTS
Raised platform high up in burn SCAFFOLD
Regiment ask for certainty protecting group assigned a particular job TASKFORCE
Searches may expose cunning ARCH
Sense of location for broadcast SIGHT
Separate good people within group SEGMENT
Showing great respect around company and getting better RECOVERING
Trap __ and any animal caught therein? PANDA
Urge to be hugged by accomplished leading lady DOYENNE
Wrong to pinch king and hide SKIN
Yearn to cook over soft table linen NAPERY

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