The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 18 2018

Clues Answers
Bird regularly in bliss IBIS
Bunk wife included in house rent HOGWASH
Buyer of tea’s in cleaner surroundings PURCHASER
Cap owner after vacation alfresco OUTDOOR
Climate unfortunately heats more round top of pole ATMOSPHERE
Cockneys’ excitement seeing gathering FRILL
Component of part is annealed for mechanic ARTISAN
Effect behind untruths, reportedly REALISE
Endless band around iron strongboxes SAFES
Firm date’s changed going on diet STEADFAST
Flourish acquiring small chest BOSOM
French bread? EUROS
Funny socialists ultimately revolt, seizing power at last SURPRISING
Glue is finished by end of tube PASTE
Heart following spades produces points SCORE
Insect concealed by such as border plant EGLANTINE
Looking back, honour involves stardom occasionally RETROSPECT
Loot is piled so high DESPOIL
More enthusiastic ‘Fortnite’ player?? GAMER
Narcissist, say, old bloke in charge across America EGOMANIAC
Not noticed audibly in fog MIST
Old luvvies falter heartlessly before show’s opening STAGERS
On any occasion first lady precedes Queen EVER
One learning about politician in press IMPLORE
One seduces jerk embraced by upstanding Frenchman ENTICER
Opens out posh new motor UNROLLS
Scorch sealing hot cut SHEAR
Section of Government ran Chequers section TRANCHE
Short depression during cold period provokes illness CHOLERA
Stomach consuming large surfeit GLUT
This compiler’s critical taking time for cryptic MYSTERIOUS
Time to accept revolutionary Labour leader’s position ECHELON

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