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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Goody’ about to catch ‘baddy’ — they run at a moderate pace TROTTERS
Add more liquid to pot, we deduce! TOPUP
Business groups getting on, type retained by American agency CONSORTIA
Cheers when a politician enters US city TAMPA
Country fare for major festival TURKEY
Embellish talk to be given at end of month DECORATE
Fighter, happy one attending common soldiers GLADIATOR
Help with a risky venture ABET
Instrument used by Charpentier HARP
Islander in trouble not turning up TONGAN
Japanese ingredient is included by Maureen MISO
Knowing about bar’s closing and opening CRANNY
Lively soldier drowning in booze AGILE
Major digital operator at ground level? BIGTOE
Member of tribe about to get instruction in English language CELT
Mum meeting someone in Glasgow? It’s supposed to be lucky MASCOT
Old novelist in shed in the home counties SHUTE
On the subject of business, the writer is lost for words OVERCOME
Pig a man’s destroyed in one form of religion PAGANISM
Places like Plymouth, Southampton, each involved in games SEAPORTS
Scruffy kids, a lot I smartened somehow after short time TATTERDEMALIONS
Terrible performer? Not a person taking charge DIRECTOR
Tinge Monet conjured up for herbaceous plant MIGNONETTE
To kill time, I acted strangely ERADICATE
US chum needs to obtain sum of money allocated BUDGET
Vibrancy of English boy in foreign country, blasting off loudly RESONANCE
Well planned, albeit needing someone to promote business THOUGHTOUT
What’s having detrimental effect on mother, getting old? DAMAGING
Worst group for tackling tricky issue LOUSIEST