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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Admitted longing to be next to American AGREED
American soldiers circling both directions for young women GIRLS
Bird in tree — a glede? EAGLE
Blooming old pig never moving without resistance DEVELOPING
Daughter with strange part of tattoo DRUM
Deciding badger’s home is next to heather SETTLING
Farm animal sleeps around rear of our large tractors BULLDOZERS
Flipping mistake nearly found in chapters tense editor put right CORRECTED
Former Conservative exploits justifications EXCUSES
Got free, endless wine ACQUIRED
Hang around big ship — good to be aboard LINGER
Horse might be this weighed down SADDLED
In cotton suit, rearranged make-up CONSTITUTION
Inferior hat worn by the man CHEAP
Leave for each expedition PERMISSION
Men aboard wreck almost on the rocks CREW
More and more anglers in icy waves INCREASINGLY
Particular female in charge is after ground spice SPECIFIC
Put away rubbish — I promised around noon IMPRISONED
Ready to receive city’s instructions RECIPE
Relaxing wound again? RESTING
Report rapid increase EXPLOSION
Reportedly flog prisoner probably in here CELL
Show the Queen over there REPRESENT
Small fruit — they might be thrown at one’s enemies SPEARS
They can cross valleys through pipes VIADUCTS
Wanted gentleman to interrupt activity DESIRED
Was inclined to think Southern train cut speed SUSPECTED
Was likely to have no time to get finished ENDED
Wife having bad self-control WILL