The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 22 2018

Clues Answers
A price to pay for coral? ATOLL
A tailless feline in toy box TEACADDY
Always in container, English drink BEVERAGE
Area coming up in murder case ACRE
Area of responsibility turning the clock back? REMIT
Bird that’s cold facing north BITTERN
Characters, those renting rooms? LETTERS
Dance beat has vitality TANGO
Drink at bedtime, perhaps? About time! LATTE
Dry sherry initially quaffed by two rugby union teams? THIRSTY
Embraced by hero, legendary part ROLE
Excited as leant closer? SEALANT
Foreign article held by small beams SUNLIGHT
Foreign national occasionally fiery on a quiz show IRAQI
In play, pair reinterpreted clip art TOPIARY
Inexperienced politician GREEN
Kid was vacillating, by the sound of it? SUEDE
Last word on capitalism’s ending in hollow reform AMENDMENT
Lost on a ship ATSEA
Lower part to bring up REAR
Measuring instrument for farm machinery PROTRACTOR
Not clever enough to bag first in physics? That’s fine TOOTHPICK
Old man greedy, taking every other bit AGED
Page covering right agreement CONTRACT
Relative pace beginning to slow, tries shifting STEPSISTER
Risk securing limp cover BLANKET
Root cut, average previously PARSNIP
Smile more fake, as wine waiter SOMMELIER
Sure wobbly as belly out! ABSOLUTELY
Transpose in mix-up that could result in woman signing sponsorship deal PATRONESS
Unhappiness of knight in place for camp dancing? DISCONTENT
Worker in ceramics nailing one more up the wall? POTTIER

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